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Soya Meat

That Raigam introduced Soya to the Sri Lankan market is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.Without stopping at being pioneers, Raigam has introduced flavors that are indigenous to Sri Lanka and so very familiar to our palate. Polos, Ambul Thiyal, Miris Maalu are some of the flavours that we all love.To maintain the leadershp role in the market, stringent quality controls are in place with highly trained staff to monitor every step of the manufacturing process. We are strong believers in the adage that final product is only as good as the raw materials used.


Soya comes in three distinct styles; Raigam Soya, Ruchi Soy and Budget Pack.Raigam Soya is the premium brand, giving the very best that money can buy. This gives a very acceptable substitute for consumers who want to avoid consumption of meat and fish for health or other considerations. The very best ingredients go in to the making of Raigam Soya which really was the product that started the Raigam saga. For budget conscious house wife, Ruchi Soy provides the same quality in a less glamorous pack. Packing all the goodness of Soya in to a utility pack, Ruchi Soy gives the house wife a viable, convenient and a highly nutritious alternative for meat or fish without the drawbacks of cholesterol and other fatty acids. For the hotel and catering sector, Budget Pack is what the doctor ordered. This leaves room for the culinary experts to put in to practice their skills to make a gourmet dish from Soya.

Raigam Bisuits

Having one of the most modern biscuit manufacturing plants in the land has helped Raigam to become the third largest biscuit manufacturer in a span of less than five years.The range boasts of many new flavours as well as perennial favourites like Lemon Puff, Butter Cookies etc. Regular introduction of new items has kept the Raigam name at the tip of the tongues of biscuit lovers, young and old.

Raigam Salt
Raigam Iodised Salt created for itself a niche market when it established the Sri Lanka’s first ever Salt purifying plant in Palaviya, Putlam using the world renowned Kreb Swiss Salex Technology. The three brands of Salt from RAIGAM, Raigam Iodised Table Salt, Raigam Iodised Powdered Salt and Raigam Iodised Crystal Salt, have become market leaders in their respective segments due to consistent and highest quality standards, reliability and service. Raigam Iodised Salt gives the discerning customer value for money and an effective solution to the problem of Iodine Deficiency Disorders that is prevalent in Sri Lanka.

One of the largest factories for the manufacture of herbal products makes the Raigam Peyawa,Pas Panguwa and Kashaya under strictest of hygienic conditions.Ancient prescriptions are followed to the letter to bring to you the remedies used by Kings and Rishis of old. These herbal products are without any side effects and can be used by any person without any fear of overdose.

Gango Fruit Drink

In today’s mechanized world, where time stand still for nobody, Raigam has come up with energizing instant fruit drinks of mouth watering taste. Add a cube of ice and you will be happy to be thirsty. Gango is a ready to drink powder containing more Vitamin C than real Orange to give you instant energy, providing a soft drink with a great taste.

String Hopper Flour

Unlike other brands, you use cold water to prepare the dough with Raigam String Hopper Flour which has become very popular with the consumers due its high quality and ease of use to make not only tasty String Hopers but also Pittu, Roti, Thosai, Chapathi, Murrukku and sweets. One 750g packet of Raigam String Hopper flour will make 150 string hoppers. We have applied for a patent for this item as no other brand can give you that number of string hoppers for the same quantity of flour.


Mono Sodium Glutamate is a flavour enhancer that is found in many natural products such as fruits.Trace amounts of Som Chai will make a culinary expert out of even the most ordinary cook!

Due to the stature and goodwill of Raigam, it has been chosen by world famous “Angel” Brand to be their sole agent/representative in Sri Lanka. A special consideration for picking out Raigam from so many other aspirants has been the extensive network of distributors/ agents that Raigam has to service all parts of the island.
Within a very short period of time, Aarya brand of Sanitary Napkins from Raigam has come to the forefront due to the wide range of product line that we offer, catering to each and every whim and fancy of the customer.The Sanitary Napkin Market was hampered by the high cost that most rural market segments could not afford. The advent of our product range made it possible for all categories of customers to select their choice.
Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world, prepared by roasting the green Coffee beans. Coffee was first consumed in Ethiopia from where it spread to the rest of the word. Raigam Coffee powder is made by roasting carefully selected premium Coffee beans from the best growing areas. Different varieties of Coffee are blended by experts to give you the best cup of Coffee you tasted in a long time. The best and the newest machinery help Raigam preserve the aroma and the taste of this carefully blended Coffee till it reaches the customer packed in 10g, 25g, sachets.
Bakery Products

Raigam Bakery Products consist of Bakers’ Yeast and Margarine from the leading manufacturers in the world. It is our mission to be the preferred partner in the Bakery Industry. We aim to provide innovative products of the highest quality to improve the business value.Products available in the range are All types of Yeast, Margarine, Fat, Bread Improvers, Cake Gel, Cake Liquids, Baking Powder, Icing Sugar, Pan Grease and Flavours.

Raimite is a savoury food paste with a tangy flavor made from yeast extract fortifie with various vegetable and spice additives. Dark brown in colour, Raimite is delicious when thinly spread on bread, toast and crackers. Some use Raimite to add taste to soups. Raimite is 100% vegetarian and high in vitamin B but unike most vegetarian food, it is rich in vitamin B 12 as well. Raimite is a popular family food.
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