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Raigam Herbal Remedies (Pvt) Ltd.

Harnessing the natural goodness and medicinal value of Herbs that are plentiful in Sri Lanka, Raigam Herbal Remedies bring to you the wholesome goodness of Herbs, prepared according to age old prescriptions. In a world turning more and more to nature for answers for its health problems, Raigam is proud to offer to the discerning customer the bounties of nature in the form of Kashaya,Peyawa and allied Ayurvedic products.

Office & Factory :
Raigam Herbal Remedies (Pvt.) Limited.
No.227, Koswatta, Kiriwattuduwa,
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94 (11) 5059261-2, +94 (11) 2753340-1, +94 (77)1061401-6
Fax : +94 (11) 2753342
E-mail : herbal.remdies@raigam.lk
Raigam Creations (Pvt) Ltd

Manned by a young, talented and dedicated team, Raigam Creations is the Publicity and Promotion arm of the Group. From street promotions to advertising over mass media, all of promotional activities for Raigam are handled by this team who has introduced to our customers novel and creative ideas in promoting Raigam products. Many of the TV programs Raigam has sponsored are extremely popular today. To serve and assist this well trained team, Raigam has a number of promotional vehicles. All the market surveys that Raigam needs as marketing tools are handled by Raigam Creations. Product availability, competitors’ activities, market response to our brands and current market trends are crucial for designing proper marketing strategies.

Office & Factory :
Raigam Creations (Pvt.) Limited.
No.227, Koswatta, Kiriwattuduwa,
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94 (11) 5059261-2, +94 (11) 2753340-1, +94 (77)1061401-6
Fax : +94 (11) 275 3342
E-mail : creations@raigam.lk
Raigam Wayamba Salterns (Pvt) Ltd

Having the only Salt refining plant in Sri Lanka using Krebs Swiss Salex Technology, Wayamba Salterns is geared to meet Table Salt needs of the country when adequate raw material - Crystal Salt is available. This is one of the biggest projects in this part of the island and is fully automated. It has changed the way of life of the residents by improvements to infrastructure such as roads, pipe-bourn water, power supply, telecommunication facilities, culverts, bridges etc. and direct and indirect employment opportunities.

Already started salterns at Puludivayal are being further developed to extract its optimum potential to cater to the needs of our Salt refining plant in Palaviya. The projected saltern development in Wanathavilluwa which is expected to take off in January 2009 will add more muscle to the manufacturing capabilities of Raigam and offer an opportunity to venture in to our first project in eco-tourism, further highlighting of the eco-friendly nature of the manufacturing of Crystal Salt.

Factory & Saltern :
Raigam Wayamba Salterns (Pvt.) Limited.
Kalpitiya Road, Palavi,
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94 (32) 22 6 9468-9
Fax : +94 (32) 22 6 9469
E-mail : wayamba.salterns@raigam.lk
Southern Salt Company (Pvt) Ltd.

The newest addition to the group, Southern Salt (Pvt) Ltd. is a wholly owned company of Raigam Wayamba Salterns (Pvt) Ltd. As the name implies, the work site is situated in the southern part of the island, in Tangalle, about 200 kilometers from Colombo. The site has been a naturally Salt forming ground from time immemorial and Wayamba Salterns have taken upon themselves to develop this national asset which has been neglected for so long. This will be the second largest Saltern in the southern part of our island and the only private-sector owned Saltern in the south.The primary idea is to produce enough crystal salt to feed our salt purification plant in Palaviya to cater to the national and international demand for our Table Salt. It is scheduled to commence production in early 2009.

Factory & Saltern :
Southern Salt (Pvt.) Ltd.
Kahanda Modera, Ranna,
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94 (47) 2269469
Mobile : 077 1061506
Fax : +94 (47) 2753340
E-mail : southern.salt@raigam.lk
Dream Cosmatics (Pvt) Ltd.

This is the youngest member of the Raigam Family. A brand new factory located in scenic surrounding caters to the needs of the young and young at heart in cosmetics. Latest technology, state of the art machinery, ingredients of the highest quality and a finger on the pulse of the market, have made this project a very viable one in the very short time it has been in operation.

Office & Factory :
Dream Life Science(Pvt.)Limited.
School Junction, Paragastota, Millaniya
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94 (34)7212777
Fax : +94 (34) 2252666
E-mail : dream.cosmetics@raigam.lk
Venus Consolidated (Pvt) Ltd.

Situated in the very heart of the commercial sector of Colombo, Venus Consolidated (Pvt) Ltd boasts of a four storey building to facilitate its whole sale business of Raigam Products. This company was created to cater to the demand from the Hotel and Industrial Catering Sector for our products, especially Salt and Soya. As people turn away from traditional Crystal Salt to the hygienically convenient Table Salt, prospects for Venus seems to be very good indeed.To facilitate the wholesale and retail business of Salt, Soya and other Raigam products, two sales outlets have been established in Pettah.

Whole Sale Outlet :
Venus Consolidated (Pvt.) Ltd.
No. 158, Dam Street, Colombo 12
Sri Lanka.
Tel / Fax : +94 (11) 5843992
E-mail : venus.consolidated@raigam.lk

Retail Outlet:
Venus Consolidated (Pvt.) Ltd.
No. LG119, People`s Park, Colombo 11
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94 (11) 5842000
E-mail : venus.consolidated@raigam.lk

Sorana Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Sorana began as a subsidiary of Raigam Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd. founded in Sri Lanka for importing and distributing Flavors, Fragrances, Food Additives & Chemical Additives. The artistic challenge to captivate the consumer's palate is what drives our passion to meet this demand. Sorana is extremely innovative in the Flavor Industry & we invite you to explore the sensations we can bring to your products.

The Company continues to explore for new products in savory, confectionary, bakery, beverages & cosmetics industry. Sorana gives our clients high performance, cost effective products with maximum repurchase satisfaction for customers.

Office :
Sorana Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd,
No 90, Station Road, Homagama,
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94 (11) 2753341
Fax : +94 (11) 5559734
E-mail : soranalanka@raigam.lk

Just after the eradication of the terrorism in the island, The Kingdom of Raigam took an investment decision to develop a saltern in Kuchchaveli in the Trincomalee District. A total of 1800 acres in extent, this project would become not only one of the biggest salterns in the island but also the biggest project in the Eastern Province. Total investment would be in excess of Rs. 500 million on completion of the project.

Main reasons for this decision by The Kingdom of Raigam can be enumerated as follows

1). Setting an example for other Investors to invest in newly liberated areas that desperately need investors (Both local & FDI) to come to such areas with their investment.

2). Utilizing the Periyakarachchi water-body for a saltern project will ensure idle resources (Periyakarachchi water-body) are put for maximum productive use

3). Enough space and other considerations are satisfactorily available on this project site to establish a Mechanical Salt refinery and a Vacuum Plant Salt in the 2nd stage and for expansion.

4). Manufacture of solar salt is harmless to the Environment

5). Development of the project will definitely lead to infrastructure-development of the area

6). Employment generation, especially for Unskilled People.

7). Human Resources Development

8). Salt at a reduced Price to customers due to reduced Transport Cost

9). Reducing and then elimination of salt-imports

10). CSR Projects of the Company –Artemia Cultivation, Shrimp Hatchery, Re-stocking of the water-body with fish fingerlings and other aqua-culture projects with government agencies – which can help the people of the area who have undergone so much hardships during the war.

We have already established three Montessori schools for the people of the area and a Kovil had been built incurring much expenditure for the predominantly Hindu devotees of the area. 

The primary construction work of the saltern commenced in 2009 and is now nearing completion  and the pipeline has been laid to pump-in sea water to maintain the water-level of the water-body so that through-out-the year fishing will be possible for the people of the area.

The next stage of the project will be setting up the salt refining plant. The building is now being erected and it is envisaged to be completed by mid-2015.

Plans are under way to establish a Plant to manufacture soda ash, chlorine and other salt based products in the final stages of the project. Electricity generation through wind power is also on the cards with the primary target of meeting the energy demands of the manufacturing plants.  

Office & Factory :
Eastern Salt (Pvt.) Limited.
Trinco-Pulmudai Road, Periyakachchi, Kuchchaveli,
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94 77-1061-528
E-mail : nandana@raigam.lk

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