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News 04 -20.08.2023
Renovating the medical officers’ common room at District General Hospital- Horana

Raigam Group Chairman, Dr.Ravi Liyanage provided a generous contribution which enabled to complete the renovation process of Doctor’s rest room at District General Hospital in Horana. The rest rooms were not in a state that it can be used during long duty shifts and it was in a need for a renovation for the last few years time. With the generous contribution of the Chairman, the renovation process was completed it positively affected the patient care process by giving more facilities to accommodate necessary doctors within the hospital premises. A certificate of Appreciation was presented to Dr.Ravi Liyanage in recognition of the valuable contribution he made.

News 03 -31.05.2022
CSR Project- Donation given to children at Ceylon Moor Ladies Union and SriLankadhara Child Development Centre

Aarya Plus Senehase Sathkaraya in collaboration with the Rotaract club of the University Of Moratuwa and University of Colombo organized a Rotaract Medical faculty which was held on the 31st of May 2022. Sanitary pads were donated to over 50 children at Ceylon Moor Ladies union and Sri Lankadhara Child Development center.

News 02 - 11.01.2023
CSR Project- Distributing stationery packs for pre-school and school children in Thirukkovil.

A philanthropic CSR project to distribute stationery packs to children in Thirukkovil was organised by Raigam and was apportioned among the children of Thandiyady Vigneswara Maha Vidyala Thirukkovil and Sunrise preschool Thirukkovil. Raigam group Chairman, Dr.Ravi Liyanage, Chairman of University Grant Commission, Senior Professor Samapath Amarathunga along with some senior officers of Raigam Group participated for this benefaction. The children were contented with the gifts they received. The event was adjourned with an assembly with the inhabitants.

News 01 - 31.12.2022
CSR Project- Distributing stationery packs for pre-school and school children in Trincomalee.

A CSR project was organised in distributing stationery packs for pre-school and school children in Trincomalee in accordance with Kiyan Nikila’s birthday, the son of the Director Mr.Malinda Karunarathne and Directress Ms.Kumaranee Liyanage. The packs were distributed among the children of Nawatcholai primary school, Valarum mottukal pre-school, Arivuththulir pre-school and Sai pre-school at the Raigam Eastern Saltern premises along with the presence of the school principal and the teachers from the school and pre-schools. Raigam group Chairman, Dr.Ravi Liyanage, Directors, Dr.Geetha Liyanage, Mr.Malinda Karunarathne, Ms.Kumaranee Liyanage, Mr.Bawantha Liyanage and Ms.Tharushinee Liyanage participated for the benefaction. Delighted faces were glimpsed among the children and their parents.

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